Providing Carriage Tours since 2011, serving over 20,000 plus customers!

Frequently Asked Questions!

General FQA!
  1. Do I need to make a reservation? The best practice is to book online as we are a small company and it is hard to take reservations over the phone, we do except walk-ups!
  2. How often do the tours go out? Our tours go out on the hour usually from noon with last ride ending at 4 pm. We are seasonal best to check availability on web. 
  3. What are your hours of operation? Since we are seasonal our hours of operation vary from month to month and we are closed during Feburary and half of March. 
  4. How long do the tours last? Most of our tours last from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, but it does depend on the speed of each individual horses pace. 
  5. Where do the tours start and end? At this time our tours start at 706 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA which is the Visitor Center. 
  6. What will I see on a carriage tour of Fredericksburg? The Commercial district and historical district. 
  7. Is Parking Available? Yes, we have several parking garages.
  8. Are all your tour guides certified? Yes all tour guides have to pass a written test and visit all historical sites before becoming a tour guide. 
  9. Can I take pictures or video during the tour? Absoulutely! 
  10. Are your carriages accessible to people with physical limitations? Yes, but we caustion customers to be realistic about their limitations as the carriages can sometimes be tricky to get in and out of. 
  11. What is your cancellation policy? Non-refundable if you miss your ride.
  12. What if it rains? We will reschedule or refund due to bad weather. 
  13. Are restrooms available? Yes, we can direct you. 
  14. Can I bring my dog with me on the tour? We prefer you do not bring dogs or pets unless you book the whole carriage. Some customers may have allergies. 
  15. Can I bring drinks and snacks on the tour? Only water is allowed on the carriages, no food or drink. 
  16. How many people fit on a carriage? 6 adults can fit in our wagonette and 4 adults in vis-a-via used for private rides.
  17. Do you offer tours for private or large groups? Not at the same time we can schedule them back to back. 
  18. Can I book a carriage for a wedding or special event, or be picked up at a hotel or restaurant? Yes

Animal Welfare Questions!

  1. How many animals are currently under Olde Towne Carriages care? We have nine horses but six of those work in the carriage business. 
  2. How much hay and food is needed to properly provide for all of the animals? Alot! It depends on the individual animal, they are just like people they all need different diets. 
  3. What is used to keep the animals safe from things like insects and worms and to ensure comfortable living conditions? Our horses are wormed on a regular basis and we fly spray them everyday.
  4. Are visitors allowed to drop by and check on the animals outside of the carriage tours? No, they live at our personal residence and we like to keep business and pleasure separate. 
  5. Are visitors allowed to pet the animals? Yes, but please ask the carriage driver first before touching the horses. 
  6. How often are the animals checked out by a medical professional or individually assessed to make sure they are healthy and happy? 2 to 4 times a year and any time there may be a health issue. 
  7. What kind of animals do you use to pull the carriages? Horses
  8. How long do the animals work every day? It depends on the day, slow days they do 4 routes during the day, get a three hour break and do 3 more routes. Total hours worked on any giving day is no more than 
  9. Do the animals ever leave the city and go to the country? Every evening, they are not kept in the City. 
  10. How often do the animals go to the farm, and how much time do they spend there? Again, they live at the farm and spend everyday there, we rotate the horses so at no time are they away from the farm for any length of time.