DO YOU OFFER PRIVATE TOURS? Yes. Olde Towne Carriages offers many private rides, were our customers can reserve the whole carriage. Elegant Carriages seat 4, wagonettes seat 6, and our hay wagon seats up to 10. Our elegant carriages are also available for weddings, reunions, parties, corporate events and more.

ARE THE CARRIAGES HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE? No, our carriages are not handicapped accessible. And if you have mobility challenges you may have a hard time getting into the carriages. We suggest the elegant carriages for people with challenges as they are easy to access.

CAN WE SIT TOGETHER? Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis on our group tours. Since the private rides are private you will be seated together. The carriage is generally open for seating 10 minutes prior to departure.

HOW MANY SEATS? Our standard use carriage can seat six adults

IS THIS A STEP-ON, STEP-OFF SERVICE? Yes, we are developing several step-on and step-off tours historical Tours.

DO I HAVE TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE? Advance purchase required for all tours with the exception of the historical tours. Even our historic tours often sell out, especially May through October and near holiday weekends. To secure the day and time you prefer, you may purchase tickets through the book it button on our pages.

CAN WE EAT OR DRINK CARRIAGE? Bottled water and coffee cups with lids are fine, no food.

There are several options when parking:
Visitor Center: There is a small lot beside the Visitor Center where you can after regular business hours.
Street: Parking on the streets is limited to two hours, Mon-Sat, 9 am-5 pm. Sundays unlimited.
Public: Free parking is available in lots along Sophia Street (which is one block down the hill from Caroline Street).
Garage: The parking garage is one block from the Visitor Center. The entrance is on Wolfe Street between Caroline and Sophia streets. The first three hours are free. Then it costs $1 per hour

We have two fully narrated historic tours in downtown Fredericksburg, the short tour takes approximately 45 mins and the Adults Only tour lasts approximately 75 minutes. All private rides are approximately 60 mins. **Please note the actual time of the tour depends on the pace of each individual horse. **

WHAT IS THE COST FOR THE HISTORICAL TOURS? The adult ticket for the daily Fredericksburg downtown short tour is $18. Tickets for children 5-12 years old are $9. Children younger than five ride for free. However, they will need to sit on a parent’s lap if the carriage is full.

To transport the horses downtown, wash them, groom them and clean carriages is very labor intense, and it takes more than one person to ready the horse and carriage, so we have to charge a little more to cover our expenses.

WHAT SITES DO WE SEE ON THE DOWNTOWN TOUR? We will view many of Fredericksburg’s most historic monuments, markers and attractions, including Mary Washington’s home, the James Monroe Museum and Kenmore Plantation. On our only Adult Tour we also drive alongside the Rappahannock River and to the Fredericksburg Civil War battlefield at Marye’s Heights.

DO YOU DO TOURS IN THE RAIN? Yes, -- but -- not in thunderstorms. If extended periods of rain or inclement weather are forecasted, we may close for the day. Call 540-207-6482 if the weather is questionable.

ARE YOUR CARRIAGES COVERED?  Yes. The roof offers shade during sunny weather and some protection from rain–but if it’s raining hard, you will get wet. Lightweight ponchos are available for purchase at 14 Anson Street where you board your carriage.

ARE YOUR CARRIAGES HEATED? No, please come prepared when it is cold outside. Wear gloves, hats, heavy coats and bring hand warmers. We reserve the right to cancel your ride if children are not appropriately dressed for cold weather.

IS THE CARRIAGE RIDE APPROPRIATE FOR VERY SMALL CHILDREN?  This is up to you! Our rides roughly run an hour and our drivers give a guided tour, for some it’s fascinating and enchanting. Others, find this too long a time to sit still. We ask parents to make the judgment call. We do have rides specifically for adults.

IS THERE A WEIGHT LIMIT  Yes, if you are over 250 lbs. you may want to consider purchasing two tickets to make the ride roomier.


DOES THE HORSE LIKE HIS JOB?  Carriage horses are bred to work in harness. In fact, the exercise keeps them fit and healthy. Horses recognize, respond to and develop an affection for their drivers.

DOES THE PAVEMENT HURT HIS HOOVES?  No, because he wears protective shoes.

MAY I PET THE HORSE? Each horse is different, some horse will bite. Always ask the driver if it is safe to touch the horse.

HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN A HORSE PULL?  A horse can easily pull a wheeled vehicle that is six (6) times his own weight, however most carriage horses are used at only 25% of that capacity.

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCY OF A HORSE? Twenty-five to 30 years. Horses have been known to live well into their 40s. It depends their care.

IS IT NORMAL FOR A HORSE TO SWEAT? Yes. It is a natural cooling process, just as it is with people.

HOW DO HORSES REST? Horses usually sleep standing up, often with one hind foot cocked.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU FEED THE HORSE? A horse consumes two or three meals of hay/grain per day.

IS THAT A REAL HORSE? It is indeed.

CAN I FEED THE HORSE? Good question! Unfortunately we can’t allow anyone but our drivers to feed or water the horse.

DO CARS SCARE THE HORSE?   Not usually no, in fact a professional carriage horse is just like any other driver on the road, aware but not scared.

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