Our Team of Tour Guides

We love providing the best experience for you!

Christine Kovacs


Christine has owned Olde Towne carriages going on 9 years. She has been involved with horses for 48 years. Her love started at 9 years of age and she shown, trained horses and taught students until she headed off to college to earn her Bachelor's of Science degree in Equestrian studies, the rest is history!

Kelly O'Malley

Tour Guide

Kelly is retired and is enjoying working for us and riding with one of the local years fox hunting clubs.  She is an accomplished equestrian and when not in the field with the hounds she is with her very special horse, Gus. Kelly is fascinated by all the history Fredericksburg has to offer.    

Reagan Bass

Tour Guide

Reagan is enjoying her part time job as a tour guide while she is in school studying computer science. When she's not at school or working for us, she is reading or riding horses at White Buffalo Farm. Reagan is becoming quite an equestrian, she has been riding for almost 3 years. 

Eric Haas 

Tour Guide

Eric is our newest addition to our tour guides. He is very, very excited about working with us. Eric works mostly weekends, he is excited about getting our beer and foodie tours going. Eric is also a experienced equestrian and has ridden for many years. He participated in showing hunters and doing a little bit of eventing. As you can see he is all smiles!

Jonathan Cox

Senior Tour Guide

Jonathan is the most knowledgeable tour guide on our team. In the past he was a Civil War Reenactor and participated in many events. He is always studying and reading something from colonial history or the civil war years.

His wit and humor will keep you entertained!

The Horses


Faith is a Morgan/Percheron cross. She is our bravest horse but also the most stubborn. Her bravery makes her a great carriage horse as she is really solid on the streets. Faith loves peppermint treats!


Tony and Patricia are brother and sister, they are Gypsy Vanner/Percheron crosses. Tony is like a big white puppy dog! He is as sweet as can be unless you walk by the carriage stand with pizza. He loves pizza! 


Patricia is the cadillac of all the horses, she is beautiful and talented. I can parallel park her faster than you can parallel park your car. She is our go to wedding horse. She has a special place in our heart. 


Raven is a Percheron and fairly new to the carriage business. She was an Amish plow horse and her life was not to happy. She is fitting in and she is getting used to all the attention and love. She as finally learned to except treats!