Witches & Ghosts Tours

Witch, Ghosts, Thieves, Murder and Mayhem Tours

Witches, Ghosts, Thieves, Murder and Mayhem of Fredericksburg are all around you! Fredericksburg is one of the most haunted cities in the country. It is also a mecca for clairvoyant individuals.

Join us to see if you can find any undead on one of our Ghost Tours through historic downtown Fredericksburg.

These 75-minute ghost tours run in the evenings in July thru November. During this carriage tour, your guide will tell you all about the folklore of Fredericksburg including:

  • The Ghost of Chatham
  • The Ghost of Fielding Lewis
  • The women in white
  • Demons in Dark Corners
  • And much more!

This tour is not appropriate for all 5 years and under age, bring the family to search for those who still walk to streets after death!

Tips are appreciated! Our drivers give 100%!

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