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Girl's Day/Night Out, Bridal Showers, Wedding DIY, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Date Night & More!!

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Ready to take that next big step but just not sure how to do it? Let us help you with a few ideas! Once in the carriage, you will feel more at ease; there is something about the rhythm and sound of hoof beats. It’s not only relaxing it is classy! Call us at 540-371-0094 for arrangements!

Girl's Day/Night Out, Bridal Shower, Wedding DIY, and Date Night

Steps for arranging your special Girls Day/Night out, Bridal Shower, Wedding DIY or Date Night:

  1. Call one of our partners and arrange your off the carriage activity, here is our list and contact information:
    • DermaEnvie - Spa Party (6 people required)Phone: 540-479-1648, Email: [email protected]
    • Connect Game Escape Rooms, Phone: 540-371-1800, Email: [email protected] 
    • AR Workshops - You can view the workshop schedule at, choose your project design and register to come with a group of friends to do your project. Phone: (540) 377-4114
    • Dinner and a Carriage Ride - make reservations at any restaurant in the 40 blocks of Historical Fredericksburg and we can come right to the restaurants doorstep to pick you up. Just select the restaurant when you purchase your tickets by clicking the Book It button on this page. 
    • Hops to Trot Ride/Brewery Crawl (available after 1 pm to 5 pm) - All you have to do is call us at 540-371-0094 to make arrangements to get personally delivered to Spencer Devon,  The Red Dragon, and the Fredericksburg's Beer Exchange. 
    • Romance at It's Best! Carriage Ride and Picnic on the Greens at Washington Avenue - All you have to do is call us at 540-371-0094 and we will provide you with a boxed lunch, pick you up at the Visitor Center.  

Pricing is negotiated at time of booking. Call 540-371-0009


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