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Public Group Tours 

45 mins. 

Adults/Children  $20/$10

Available March thru October & Thanksgiving Weekend.

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See Fredericksburg, VA from  a new and different perspective. 

Surround yourself with the sights and sounds of our unique City. Enjoy a leisurely ride, you won't miss any details! Our commercial district has unique eateries and shops and you will be delighted with the quiet neighborhoods that showcase so many different types of homes to include; Colonial, Antebellum, Queen Anne Victorian and Edwardian.

Our licensed tour guide will share the stories of the heroes and forefathers that graced our streets and their contributions to America! 

Join us for a relaxing, informative 45-minute carriage tour. We promise you will not be disappointed.

We are the most personal tour in the City, as our carriages allow us to easily speak to you and answer questions. 

Loading stand located at the Fredericksburg's Visitor Center, 706 Caroline Street. Tickets are available in the Visitor Center, but if purchased in advance you will receive discount. 

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 Public Adults Only Group Tour - 75 mins. 

Adults Only   $25

Available May thru September. 

On the Adults Only Tour you will receive all the amenities as the regular Group Tour just without the children. 

We love children, but sometimes you want more than the average child can handle. 

Come join us for a longer version of our group tour where we also get to explore afoot the Fredericksburg battlefield where 15,000 lost their lives during the Civil War!

Once we reach the battlefield you will be allowed to step off at Sunken Rd.

Experience 40 blocks of Fredericksburg’s historic downtown district, see houses, gardens, plantations, churches & parks, learn about buildings, history, architecture,  & the people.

Tips are appreciated! Our drivers give 100%!

Advanced Ticket Sales Only! Loading stand located at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, 706 Caroline Street. 

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Witches, Ghost, Thieves, Murder and Mayhem Tour

Adults/Children $25/$10

Available from July thru October.

Witches, Ghosts, Thieves, Murder and Mayhem of Fredericksburg are all around you! 

Fredericksburg is one of the most haunted cities in the country. It is also a mecca for clairvoyant individuals.

Join us to see if you can find any undead on one of our Ghost Tours through historic downtown Fredericksburg.

These 75-minute ghost tours run in the evenings, July thru November. During this carriage tour, your guide will tell you all about the folklore of Fredericksburg including:

  • The Ghost of Chatham
  • The Ghost of Fielding Lewis
  • The women in white
  • Demons in Dark Corners
  • And much more!

This tour may not be appropriate for children under the age of 5 years of age.

Tips are appreciated! Our drivers give 100%!

Advanced Ticket Sales Only! Loading stand located at the Fredericksburg's Visitor Center, 706 Caroline Street. 

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Victorian Bloom and Garden Tour

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April showers bring May flowers! Come join us for a public step/on, step/off tour through the beautiful historical city of Fredericksburg, Visit the Kenmore Plantation grounds and Mary Washington's Garden.  

April is the time of year to explore the beautiful blossoms to include daffodils, tulips, cherry blooms, magnolias, and the native Virginia Bluebells that make Fredericksburg so colorful in the spring. 

Information and history about the grand houses of Washington Avenue will be shared during the tour.  As an extra gift you will receive a day pass so you can revisit all the historical sites we will pass on our tour. 

Tours will run in April and May.

George Washington's

Fredericksburg Tour

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This Speciality Tour is a step on/step off tour. You will physically enter your choose of a living history site in town. You will also receive a day pass which will allow you to continue on to other living history sites after your tour is complete. 

Experience the Fredericksburg that George Washington knew, by horse drawn carriage! Learn the colonial history of Fredericksburg, while also providing a plethora of historic facts and fun stories about George, his family and friends. 

Tours will run from May until end of September.  

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