Horseback Riding & Trail Riding 

Come learn the points for safe trailriding!


Olde Towne Carriages will facilitate a custom trail ride adventure for you, you will have several locations to choice from depending on your riding abilities. This is a safe activity for you and your special someone, great for couples, or family activity for two.

Learning to ride a horse is a thrilling experience, but the mere thought of hopping in the saddle for the first time is enough to make anyone nervous. Knowing what to expect from your first lessons can help ease some of that tension.

You might think that trail riding is reserved for experienced and well-trained riders. That, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Anyone can go, even those who’ve never ridden before, as there are many programs that are adapted to all levels.

Taking lessons is an excellent way to learn how to ride a horse. But the more time you get to spend around the horse, over a riding weekend break or for several days in a row, the better. We offer a 4 week trail riding course, where you will learn how to handle the horse, groom the horse, tack up the horse (saddle and bridle) and the rules and etiquette of trail riding. 

Junior Wrangler - Corral Lesson ($35 USD per lesson)

Kids five to eight years old can ride one-on-one with an instructional wrangler in the corral to learn the basics of how to ride. This is designed to prepare kids for the trail riding, last class children will be taken for short ride outside of ring, parents must be involved. If you do the package of 3 lessons and a trail ride (all trail rides will be scheduled on Sunday), the cost is $140, lessons will be a weekly event.  The lesson is approximately 30-minutes.

Private Corral Lesson and Trail Ride ($45 USD per lesson)

In the controlled environment of the corral, fine-tune your western riding skills. Riders work one-on-one with an experienced instructor to become more comfortable and confident in the saddle. Lessons include proper posture and tips on steering, guiding a horse, trail etiquette/safety and last day is a trail ride. If you do the package of 3 lessons and a trail ride, the cost is $195, lessons will be a weekly event and trial rides will be scheduled on Sundays. The trail ride will normally run from 1 hr to 3 hrs depending on location. The minimum age is 9 years old and the lesson will take 45-minutes, limited to 2 individuals.

Learning to ride takes patience and commitment. Being introduced to the basics by an experienced instructor is crucial for building a solid foundation. But so is enjoying the entire process. Discovering a country and its culture on horseback, while bonding and learning to move in harmony with your horse, is an experience like no other.

That’s why it is important to maintain meaningful interactions with nature as often as possible. There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors then in the saddle.

Call us at 540-371-0094 to make arrangements wer need 48 hour notice.

We are open for trail riding lessons and private trail rides in March, April, May, June, September, October and November. We do not do trail riding in the hot summer months. 

Know your skill level, are you a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced rider?

Level of Trail Riding Skills:

Walk Ride

Walk ride is the most popular ride! Suitable for all levels of riders ranging from beginners to advanced. This trail ride is a lovely walk through the woods that is slow enough to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. It is ideal for first-time riders or anyone that wants a relaxing, comfortable ride. $60 per individual

Intermediate Ride

This ride consists of walking and trotting. Riders should have approximately 10 hours of experience in the saddle throughout the year. A fun, brisk ride that requires enough experience to be in control of the horse at all times. Riders are permitted to hold onto the saddle horn with their free hand and will be screened by the wranglers at a trot to ensure their safety. Riders that are not ready for the intermediate ride will be taken on a nice walk ride. $60 per individual

Advanced Ride

A fast-paced, energetic ride for experienced riders only. This ride consists of walking, trotting, and cantering. Riders must be in control of their horse at all times and should not have to hold onto the saddle for balance. All advanced riders will be screened for safety at a canter. $60 per individual

Additional information

The trail ride times are scheduled by the stables manager after individuals complete lesson program. We will not take riders out without going through our course, the above activities are for established customers. A safety check is required before each ride faster than a walk where riders demonstrate safe riding at a trot or canter. Also, please note that programs and rides are subject to availability and weather conditions. In extreme heat or cold, all rides will be walk-only. In this case, to ensure the safety of the horses and guests, the stables manager can reschedule or cancel rides. We does not ride in a thunderstorm or high winds. 

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